New Brand Awareness Client Campaign Launched for 2018

Work EastRen (WER), is East Renfrewshire Council’s Employability Service. They are a long-standing client with us for whom we fully manage all European Social Fund (ESF) funded campaigns and marketing activity.

In support of their objective to reach residents of East Renfrewshire who are seeking employment, training or education, they approached us to create a new brand awareness campaign for 2018, targeting the client groups who meet the European Social Fund’s criteria for support into training or work.

East Renfrewshire wide ‘Looking for a job?’ campaign

WER help people gain real training and qualifications with real job opportunity outcomes – with great success. So using our knowledge from previous campaigns along with the brands core elements, which include logos, colours, typography and advertising style, we kicked off 2018 with an East Renfrewshire wide ‘Looking for a job?’ campaign showcasing these success stories.

The campaign included large outdoor advertising on billboards, vinyl banners and bus stops throughout East Renfrewshire with various print and digital support materials. The creative needed to be eye-catching but also compliant with the European Social Fund publicity guidelines.

Our in-house photographer had created a library of various photographs featuring the diversity of people Work EastRen have helped. These accurately made up the audience they were keen to target and so from this we created a montage using the ‘real’ people shots to tell the story.

Our in-house photographer had created a library of various photographs… using ‘real’ people shots to tell the story.

Work EastRen Awareness Campaign

The photo montage included 8 photos of males and females of all ages and at the heart of the image was the Work EastRen logo. This master artwork was initially used for the large 96 sheet billboard with a clear statement to the right ‘Looking for a job? Work EastRen can help – contact the team today’ and contact information. The copy was in the stand-out WER green and blue brand colours. The ESF logo sat beneath the copy conforming to the size guidelines stated for such artwork.

From this, the whole campaign was successfully rolled out across various platforms and where necessary using montages with a mix of 4, 6 or 8 photos dependent on artwork dimensions and spacing. The full creative campaign featured billboards, bus stop advertising, vinyl banners, A3/A4 portrait posters, A5 portrait flyers, local newspaper adverts (print and digital) and various social media posts. Where a montage of 4 photos were used (for example, the 48 sheet billboards or the portrait posters) 2 versions were created to accommodate the 8 original photos and for variety.

Work EastRen Awareness Campaign
Work EastRen Awareness Campaign

The campaign featured on and offline materials, so a QR Code was included on the vinyl banners, posters, flyers and presentation screen artwork. This served as an easy, direct link to the ‘Get into Work’ page on the WER website with contact form.

The new ‘Looking for a job?’ 2018 campaign serves to celebrate how hard the team at Work EastRen work to help East Renfrewshire residents seeking employment, training and education as well as to be impactful and memorable in order for any future people who need the same support to stop and notice.