Three Ways to Check If Your Company Name is Trademarked

RPL Marketing® is now trademarked. After 9 years in business we have trademarked our company name within the UK.

This relatively straight forward process took approximately three months and cost a few hundred pounds. By trademarking our business we are protecting our brand reputation, enhancing our credibility and preventing future IP disputes within use of domains or social networks. Here are three ways you can check if your brand or company name is being used elsewhere.

Companies House Registration

If you register a company in the UK then it will be documented by Companies House. They have a useful and free WebCHeck service, where you can search for a company name that is already in use. Be aware that this does not mean that this name is protected.

If you register a company name but have not checked the trademark register for UK and International, you are not protected and may be asked to change it in the future.

Trademark Search

Check your brand's name on the national trademark register to see if it already exists. A word, image or phrase could already be registered but in a different classification. If it exists in the same classification of your company's sector or primary trade description, then you cannot use it.

Domain Search

To check if a particular domain and web address is available, hosting companies such as 123Reg offer free domain check services and will display alternative formats if the name you want has been taken. Of course don't forget the Google Search as a catch all!

B2B Marketing Services

As a Glasgow marketing company specialising in B2B businesses, we understand that IP protection is just one of the many marketing tasks required to grow your business online and offline.

Win back time on running your business by allowing our team of marketers, designers and digital specialists, with experience working with companies from £1M - £8M in the B2B sector, to manage your marketing tasks in way that is affordable and focused on results. To find out more fill in a contact form and we will call you straight back.