Thorne Travel

Thorne Travel are an independent, award winning, luxury travel agency based in Ayrshire. Thorne Travel were recently voted the UK and Ireland’s No. 1 travel agency.


A refresh and development of their logo to create a new brand family that is identifiable and transfers the strength of the Thorne Travel brand, but where each sub-brand could stand alone for their own travel market.   


Market research and co-working with the client to deep dive into deconstructing and assessing the valuable elements of the existing brand.


A master logo with the addition of the word ‘Experience’ below and using a smaller swish. A new font was chosen for the ‘Experience’ word to enable them to stand out against the consistent ‘Thorne Travel’ mark and be identifiable as stand-alone brands.

Thorne Travel - North Ayrshire
Thorne Travel - Logo Design
Thorne Travel - Logo Design