Marketing Campaigns

A short burst campaign designed to get people thinking, talking and buying from you. We can help you find the best way to reach and engage with your customers.

RPL have taken care of all aspects of CPR's marketing since 2012. Their support over the years and service and professionalism is outstanding.

- William Black, CPR Resurfacing (West Dunbartonshire)

CPR Resurfacing - West Dunbartonshire

Cutting Edge Innovation

'Imagination is more important than knowledge' - Albert Einstein

We couldn't agree more. At the heart of a great marketing campaign sits a great idea. Rather than simply following others, in all our marketing campaigns, we endeavour to give our clients something fresh and inspiring.

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Innovative Marketing Campaigns
B2B and B2C Marketing Campaigns

B2B or B2C

When it comes to marketing, one size definitely does not fit all. The rationale behind a business purchase is completely different to a consumer purchase. 

We tailor your marketing campaign to help your business grow whether it's in the B2B or B2C market.

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Variety of Media Channels

Studies show that around 8 touch points (when someone comes into contact with your business) are necessary to make a sale.

We use a variety of media channels to reach out to your audience and move them to become paying customers. 

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Advertising with Traditional and New Media

How do we work?

1. Contact

You get in touch

2. Meeting

We meet to discuss your requirements

3. Quote

We give you a fixed price proposal

4. Support

You get a personal marketing manager

5. Delivery

The work is completed, everyone is happy!

Who created the iconic "A Diamond is Forever" campaign?