Why Glasgow is the best place to be in business

From the dawn of time location has had an impact on our survival. Build your home next to a Sabre Tooth Tiger den and pretty quickly you'll realise that you have a problem.

While it's unlikely that a band of ravenous moggies will chase you home from work tonight (unless YouTube puts a ban on cat videos), the survival of your business can be influenced greatly by your choice of location.

So what makes Glasgow an excellent location for businesses old and new? Here are a few points to chew over.

You're in Good Company

How do you know when you've found the perfect place to set up shop? Usually because other people have already found it first! In 2016 there were over 5000 startup businesses registered in Glasgow. Along with them a host of well established brands have made Glasgow their base; BBC Scotland, STV, Capital Radio, BIP Solutions, SECC to name just a few.

For those selling direct to consumers there is more good news, Glasgow is the largest retail hub in the UK outside of London’s West End. Glasgow's young demographic (41% of the population is between the ages of 15 to 34) makes for a bustling community of early adopters and technology enthusiasts.

Over 5000 startup businesses registered in Glasgow in 2016

Glasgow has strong funding support

Strong Funding Support

If your business were a camp fire, then grants and funding would be like a helpful stash of fuel to get things moving.

New businesses in Glasgow now get a helping hand from the council in the form of a £1000 start-up grant for pre-start businesses or those that are still in the first six months of trading.

Glasgow New Business Fund can help with rental subsidies. These can can be provided over a three year period for businesses in their early stages.

If your business is starting out, has less than 250 employees and can demonstrate it's potential for growth, the West of Scotland Loan Fund can help out. Businesses can receive gap funding of up to £30,000.

Pool of Talent

It's an established fact that amazing businesses thrive on talented staff (just look at Google). Even as you are reading this article a simmering pool of talent is brewing in the lecture theatres and student halls of Glasgow. With four universities and three higher education colleges, Glasgow is well established as a major centre of education and academic research.

Glasgow has a pool of talent

In conclusion, Glasgow is arguably the best place to be in business.

ok so being based in Glasgow we're slightly biased but no one can deny it's a great place to be. Maybe you could tell us what you think makes Glasgow such a great place to do business?

And finally, should you hear a distant meow as you leave the office tonight, consider that Glasgow clearly has a very healthy relationship with internet cat videos - Glasgow Film Festival. Just something to think about...