Thorne Travel are an independent, award winning, luxury travel agency based in Ayrshire who were recently voted the UK and Ireland’s No. 1 travel agency. They are an informal, approachable travel company with a fun and friendly attitude towards offering luxury holidays.

They have extended their business to incorporate UK based experience visits and as a result launched Thorne Travel Experience. The company continues to grow, and they are working on a new and exciting project.

Thorne Travel required a refresh and development of their logo to create a new brand family that is identifiable as the Thorne Travel brand, but where each sub-brand could stand alone for their own travel market.

For this branding project RPL Marketing looked at the key elements of the Thorne Travel master logo. The ‘swish’ and the pink and purple colours were highlighted as the most identifiable brand elements.

The master logo has been updated with a Radley font to reflect their open and friendly identity and to a single line wordmark. The effect is consistent, distinguishable and legible, with a flexible structure across all marketing for sub-brand use, aligning them as one brand.

The Radley typeface is a practical one based on letterforms used by hand carvers, which is ideal titling and text. It is open, friendly and luxurious; fundamental elements of Thorne Travel’s brand story and characteristics.

To extend this to the new sub-brand ‘Thorne Travel Experience’ and their new project, the master logo and ‘Thorne Travel’ combination was retained with the addition of the word ‘Experience’ below and using a smaller swish. A new font was chosen for the ‘Experience’ word to enable them to stand out against the consistent ‘Thorne Travel’ mark and be identifiable as stand-alone brands.