Ayrshire & Glasgow Opticians

Opticare Opticians are one of the largest independent opticians in the West of Scotland, with branches throughout Glasgow and Ayrshire.

The business has been around for 28 years, however over the last few years has been under the stewardship of a female Director who had methodically led the analysis and transformation of their operations.

Their sector has experienced intense competition from national chains and a loss of footfall in town centres. After a period of investment in people, processes and infrastructure, she now wanted to take an evidence-based approach to marketing to increase profitability and market share.

Market Segmentation & Strategy

The RPL solution was to adopt a data-based approach using the newly installed CRM system which held a significant amount of consumer purchase data over the past 12 months.

RPL conducted detailed analysis on this data to understand patterns of customer buying behaviour and identified distinct types. This was overlaid with a product strategy that allowed Opticare to proactively engage their existing and potential customers in a meaningful and targeted way.

To further support the segmentation, a large consumer survey was undertaken to provide detailed recommendations on target demographics and consumer needs.