Investing Well are a FinTech start-up that seeks to offer consumers with saving or investment goals, an online route to investing their money and achieving higher returns.

They differentiate by helping investors to increase their wealth by developing a goal orientated investment portfolio that has the added value of social benefits. Through their Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) they will allow customers to access online socially responsible fund opportunities and give them more control over where their money is invested.

In this one-off project, RPL's Marketing and Digital Managers collaborated to create a website sitemap, social media content strategy and calendar that targeted specific consumer life-stages. After undertaking competitor and consumer research we produced the site map and content strategy for YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Instagram.

Each had a detailed marketing goal, strategy, technical specification for content production, content ideas for the target audience within that platform, and a sharing schedule. A monthly social content calendar was also produced.