Top Tips To Keep Your Stress Levels Down.

Back to Business After the Holidays? Here Are Our Top Tips To Keep Your Stress Levels Down.

Just like the team here at RPL Marketing, business owners and managers across Scotland are returning to work after being immersed in their 'real lives' and the relaxing summer holidays.

Whether you were enjoying tapas in Catalonia, quad biking in Dubai, or camping in Devon, your head will most likely have been completely in 'home mode' and out of 'work mode' over the summer.

Now it is time to return to work and the nightmare reality of a mountain of emails and oh-so-close deadlines. Sound familiar?

We thought we would share with you some of our top tips to help ease you back into business and keep the summer alive. Here are some tips from Laura Molloy, RPL's Director, who is seriously organised!

Time Savers for Busy Business Managers

If you are a busy manager then coming back from holiday can be stressful and quickly lead to it being a distant memory. RPL's Director Laura Molloy has a few suggestions as to how to ease the strain. Laura says "I know this sounds simple but the trick is to delegate tasks before you go. We always make sure that out of office replies to emails are clearly redirected for different enquiries, and that tasks are divided up among the team members most able to pick them up.

We always do a thorough handover before we go and on the 1st day back to discuss what has and has not been done. What that means is that the person on holiday can actually relax and ignore their phone for 2 weeks - bliss!"

New research carried out by GetApp Lab in Nov lat year showed that the #1 priority for business owners in 2017 was to attract and retain clients (56.7%). By bringing in a marketing partner such as RPL to undertake the management and delivery of your marketing projects, you can focus on other business critical tasks, while our experienced team deliver your marketing on time and on budget.

Keep Tasks On Track

 1. Before you leave for holiday create a list of top actions to do when you come back, then save it with a positive title such as “ Great Things To Do After My Holiday” this way it won't be too intimidating when you turn on your laptop and see it.

2. Be organised – have a plan for that first day back.

3. Go through your inbox quickly and delete any junk emails straight away before reading anything. That way your in box looks like a more manageable size and it becomes easier to see the really urgent emails.

4. Don’t put too much pressure on that first day back! Set yourself smaller achievable goals, and then you will end the day on a sense of achievement so that you can feel more productive the following day.

Polurrian Cove Cornwall
Horse Riding in Ayrshire

Delegate Your Marketing Projects

Did you know that you could save time by engaging RPL's expert team to undertake marketing tasks, while saving money? We are qualified, experienced and cost a lot less than an in-house marketing manager. We spend all day every day delivering a range of design, digital or strategic marketing projects for our business to business clients.

By delegating this aspect of your business, you will save a huge amount of time on projects such as email campaigns and database management, by having experienced management of these tasks. You will also save money by only using RPL when you need us. More importantly, it just gets projects moving in a way that is strategic, targeted and efficient.

100% of our clients in our latest survey in April 17 reported that having RPL manage their marketing projects was beneficial to their business.

The summer holidays may be behind you, but it is possible to keep some of the spirit alive for a while yet. We thought it would be fun to post some of our 'real life' holiday snaps.

Visit our Facebook or Instagram page to share your holiday snaps with us using #keepthesummeralive, we would love to see them: adios!